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Retractable Awnings and Shade Systems

It has long been known that it's better to control solar energy from outside the house than it is once the sun hits the windows. Exterior awnings and shades can absorb, reflect and re-emit up to 95% of the solar heat before it enters the house. Awnings and sunshades are the most versatile methods of shade for windows, doors, patio and deck areas because they can be extended when the heat from the sun needs to be controlled and can be retracted when you want the solar heat.

GPS Specialty Construction offers a full line of retractable awnings and retractable sun screens. As an authorized deal of abc Sun Control awning products, GPS Awnings is able to provide its customers the effective sun shade devices that utilize the best in modern awning technology.

For example, the abc Deluxe lateral arm retractable awning is based on the enhanced system developed in Sweden by EGE Westin AB. This system incorporates the latest advancements including a variable pitch adjustment for the arms and an energy absorbing shoulder. abc imports the critical components of this system for EGE Sweden, assembles them for GPS in their California factory and ships them to GPS for professional installation.

Exterior fabric awnings are intended as sun shading and not for use in all weather conditions. If winds stronger than 18 m.p.h. are expected, or if water collects on the cover, or in damp and frosty weather or in the case of snowfall the awning must be retracted.

Retractable awnings can be hand crank operated or automated. An automatic sun, wind and rain sensor or timer extends the comfort factor provided by the awning. It does not, however relieve the user of the duty to exercise due diligence! If there has been a power outage a purely motor-driven awning cannot be retracted.

If it is damp and frosty the cover may become stiff and prevent the awning from retracting. In times of absence during holidays or vacation or at night, an automatic control system provides no guarantee that your awning will continue to function properly. We therefore recommend that before periods of bad weather the awning be retracted and that any automatic control system is switched off.

Retracting and extending the awning several times in quick succession may activate the thermal cut-out switch, which prevents the motor from overheating. After it has cooled down the motor will reactivate itself again. Force should not be used to wind a crank-operated awning in or out.

If a retractable awning sounds like the right solution for your home, contact GPS Specialty Construction to schedule your free estimate.

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