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Patio Shade Canopies

Outdoor patios and decks are the prime gathering place and the focal point of family events during Spring, Summer and Fall. But on those summer days when you want to be outdoors, the heat from the sun can make your outdoor living space essentially useless. Patio shade canopies by GPS Specialty Construction will make your outdoor space cooler on summer days by strategically placing shade exactly where you need it.

Patio shade canopies can come in many styles and sizes. If you contact GPS, its sales staff will meet with you and determine what your needs are and then provide you with a number of custom options to satisfy your needs. Whether it's a fabric or metal awning, we have the expertise to install exactly what you're looking for.

Protection from the Elements

Let's talk about the styles that are available as patio shade canopies. If you need a system that creates protection from the summer sun and from the winter's rain, then a steel framed fabric awning may be the right fit for you. These structures can mount to the building and project to the end of your patio area by utilizing trusses and posts in its design.

If it's just shade you need, perhaps a retractable awning will be the best solution for you. These manual and automated awnings can be extended during the heat of the day and be retracted when you want light.

Another popular solution to controlling the sun, is a retractable Roman Shade. Our system requires the attachment of cables to perimeter posts or to a wooden lattice structure and the attachment of fabric panels suspended on the cables with sailboat pulleys.

Metal Lattice and Louvers

Many popular patio shade canopies are custom fabricated by GPS. They take the form of Metal Lattice Canopies and Metal Louver Canopies. These amazing designs come in a fixed configuration and add both style and functionality to both homes and businesses. GPS will design a system unique to your needs — you choose to keep out or let in just the right amount of sunshine (and heat!).

All of our patio shade canopies will be custom designed for your home or building in accordance with your needs and desires. Please contact GPS Speciality Construction for a free consultation and quotation.

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