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Fabric "Canvas" Awnings

The style and quality of your business exterior has never been more important than it is today. Aesthetic appeal of a professional looking building will attract your clientele by stimulating their desire for what you have to offer. More importantly, with GPS fabric "canvas" awnings, a superbly designed awning fabric, that is properly installed, is just the beginning. Oftentimes mistakenly referred to as "canvas" awnings, today's modern fabric covered awning is made of modern materials such as acrylics, polyesters and vinyl coated/laminated polyester scrims.

Entering a building or home that has fabric awnings is much different than walking into a room with exposed windows. The feeling is natural and not uncomfortably too cold or too hot. Properly designed canvas awnings can reduce the heat of the sun on a western exposed window by as much as 77 percent. Glass doors and windows lose more energy that walls or ceilings by delivering solar radiation that competes with your air conditioning unit by up to 20%.

Doing your Part in Going Green

Every business would love to install solar panels to reduce the cost of energy. Unfortunately, the price of solar panels and installation is still extremely high and not cost effective for most budget minded companies. Canvas awnings will not only save up to 40% of your cooling costs but are reasonable in price and guaranteed to last much longer than older models that needed replaced after five years. Exceeding your own expectations in experiencing less energy consumption and cost is almost like free money.

The shapes, dimensions, colors and prints of today's canvas awnings are phenomenal. The choices in bringing uplifting new awning designs to the exterior of your building are immense with traditional, concave, dome, convex, pitched, quarter-barrel and more. Many custom canvas products are designed with customer's particular theme in mind, setting you apart from any other business.

GPS Specialty Construction, Inc., Your Sun Control Experts

Deciding that you need canvas awnings for your business is the first step in creating a new look and saving energy costs. The second step is receiving professional advice on what type of style, color and venting will best serve your energy needs while bringing a fresh, inviting uplift to your building. A GPS canvas awning expert can lead you through important considerations in your sun penetration, colors that capture solar rays and venting where needed.

A mixture of the latest awning material blends has brought new meaning to the word canvas. Tightly woven, water-repellent, mildew resistant and treated from fading are a few examples of modern technology in keeping your new canvas awnings protected and looking professional. There will also be no fading of interior carpets or furnishings once your canvas awnings are in place.

Residential Canvas Awnings Provide More Comfort

This new awning fabric is not just reserved for commercial buildings. Homes that need a trendy, updated look while benefiting from low energy consumption are also great candidates for canvas awnings. Covering a patio, shading windows and providing a more comfortable environment for your home are important factors for the homeowner. GPS Specialty Construction, Inc. offers free estimates and suggestions for businesses and homes. Canvas awnings are the simple and elegant solution to your problem – the trusted solution you have been looking for.

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