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The most popular awning style currently being used in California is the Blade Awning which is a pitched “slanted” awning with open sides “ends”. These awnings are sometimes called Blade Canopies, Blade Sunshades and Blade Patio Covers.

GPS also manufactures Blade Awnings in the form of Metal Louvers. Blade Awnings can be covered in fabric, canvas, architectural sheet metal, perforated metal or even glass.

Essentially a Blade Awning is attached above a window or an opening and slopes away from the building. It is installed at various angles depending upon the desired look and the amount of sunlight you want blocked.

Blade Awnings can either have horizontal return legs or “spears” at predetermined angles and can sport decorative tips available in many different configurations. Another popular option you can add to a Blade Awning is a valance which is available in a number of custom patterns.


GPS Awnings is an innovator and a specialist in fabricating and installing Metal Awnings on businesses and homes.

A Metal Awning and a Metal Canopy is a shade, weather, or decorative fixture with frames manufactured using steel or aluminum frames and covered with metal skins, grids, sheets, or architectural sheet metals.

The metal coverings can be aluminum, steel, or copper. Metal Awnings can be pitched, curved or flat in their appearance. They can be painted or powder coated to bring color to the metal surfaces.

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A great solution for sun and rain protection is either a Pitched Awning or Concave Pitched Awning. These awnings are great in the commercial setting for storefront awnings, door hoods and window awnings.

They can be designed and manufactured in almost any size and they can be made with a solid valance which is great for signs, graphics and street numbers. Alternately, they can be made into a wedge shape and used without a valance.

The commercial Pitched Awning can be either a fabric canvas awning or have a metal covering. Residential Pitched Awnings are most often covered in fabric and make excellent window awnings as well as door awnings. We can even flatten the angle and make a Pitched Awning into a Patio Awning or Patio Canopy.


A Dome Awning, also referred to as Dome Canopy, is among the most elegant awnings featured on buildings and houses. A “true” Dome Awning has a projection that is half the size of the width and height of the awning with a symmetrical radius.

We've manufactured Domes as tall as 16' and as small as 3' Dome Awnings can have either solid valances or loose valances.

Styles Include:   Quarter Barrel        Dome End Quarter Barrel
Dome Quarter Barrel with Solid Valance


Quarter Barrel Awnings, sometimes referred to as a Curved Awning, Quarter Barrel Canopy or even Convex Awning, give the business owner and the home owner the opportunity to add an unique, upscale look while also providing shade and rain protection to their doors and windows.

Quarter Barrel Awnings and Quarter Barrel Canopies provide a cascading band of color to the buildings where they are attached. GPS Specialty Construction, Inc. can design the perfect Quarter Barrel Awning for your home or business.

Whether it be a Quarter Barrel with flat ends, one with dome ends or one with a fixed valance, we can create an attractive design that become an attractive architectural addition to your building that also provides sun and weather protection.


Do you have a business or restaurant and want to bring provide your customers with a grand entry to your establishment? GPS prides itself in being able to provide the perfect Entry Awning for all styles of buildings. These awnings are designed primarily to bring attention to the entry to your home or business.

We design them to provide an elegant first impression to your building or home. These awnings can be made to the shape and size dictated by your needs, the architecture of the building and its intended use.

Entry awnings can be large or small, be lighted or unlighted and we can even promote your business by putting your name, logo or street address on the front of the awning.

GPS in 2009 created an elegant entry for Bandera Restaurant in Sacramento. This landmark project included a half barrel canopy that was suspended by copper posts. The awning has a full bottom soffit and recessed lighting. This Entry Canopy has a Bandera supplied sign on the face with down lighting.

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