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GPS started as a company that specialized in Fabric and Canvas Awnings. From the start, we fabricated some of Sacramento and Roseville's most attractive window awnings, storefront awnings, dome awnings, quarter barrel awnings, blade awnings, entry awnings and backlit awnings with signs and graphics. Many of our products are Sunbrella® Awnings, meaning awnings that use Sunbrella®'s superior fabric products as their covers.

Metal, Copper and Aluminum Awnings

GPS Specialty Construction, Inc. for the last twelve years has been Northern California's leading innovator in the design and manufacture of Metal Awnings which include sheet metal awnings, copper awnings, architectural aluminum awnings and aluminum metal louver awnings like those at Palladio in Folsom.

Retractable Awnings and Shade Systems

GPS is a leader in the field of residential retractable awnings for windows, retractable patio awnings, canopies for decks, and motorized awnings. We are also a leader in commercial retractable awnings, drop roller curtains, horizontal roman shades, retractable shade systems, and interior retractable shades. Our retractable awnings are featured elements of local Sacramento and San Francisco Restaurants.

Our Custom Shade division has produced some notable patio shade projects utilized unique design elements that can only be produced by our custom awning shop. In recent years we have produced "Aussie" style shade systems, tension shade awnings such as the UCD Aquatic Complex exterior sun shades, and outdoor awnings in all shapes and sizes.

Specialty Products

The talented staff at GPS Specialty Construction has over the years amassed a significant portfolio of Specialty Products include: custom metal yard art; elaborate space frames; light sconces; decorative porch awnings; porch swing covers; graphic designs on commercial sign awnings; backlit awnings; and some highly unique shade awnings.

GPS also makes boat covers for one design sailboats such as Snipes, Thistles, Day Sailor, and Lido's. GPS will also make custom boat covers and will provide a free estimates on their costs.

Recover, Repair or Replacement Awning Services

Recovers, Repairs and Replacements of awnings, covers, metal and canvas products is a service that is offered by GPS. We specialize in recovering awning and repairing awnings, making sure that the customer receives replacements that exceed the quality of the original covers. If you need a replacement awning, replacement canopies, or new awning canvas, GPS is the place to call or email us here.

GPS uses the best fabrics available including Sunbrella® awning fabric. Our Sunbrella® Awnings, because of the quality of the fabric and the use of our Tenara "Goretex" thread are among the best looking longest lasting awnings in the Country. This fabric is the standard for house awnings and awning manufacturers prefer it because of it's quality for awnings and sun shade canopies.

Unique Awning Designs

Awning designs can come in dozens of different configurations and styles. Utilizing decades of design talent, a proficient Auto CAD technician and a great engineer, GPS Specialty Construction, Inc. can design an awning for every need and every application. Our fabric and canvas awnings take the shapes of dome awnings, blade awnings, pitched awnings, quarter barrel awnings, entry awnings, sunshade canopies, and retractable awnings just to name a few.

We design metal awnings in the form of blade awnings, copper awnings, box awnings, pitched awnings, metal lattice awnings, metal louver awnings using both steel and aluminum and available in numerous colors and sizes. Our shade designs include sun sails, tension shades, retractable shades, drop roller curtains, interior retractable shades — pretty much anything you can imagine.

Call us at (916) 485-3333 or contact us to schedule a free estimate for your next commercial or residential project. You deserve the expertise of GPS Specialty Construction, Inc. for high quality canvas and metal awnings or their unique specialty products.

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